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Stone Broke Art Collective

We want to leave a positive impression on the Santa Ana Community, The city we grew up in. Where we met working with the Santa Ana College Mural Team. For three years now we acquired the skills to take on a large scale mural projects at Santa Ana College.

Together we have Illustrated Children’s comics as a part of the Travieso Press project. Some of our personal major milestones include being published in the OC Weekly and contributing to published comic-book Fatima (2020). The subject of our work often involves our favorite TV animated icons that we grew up with present through out our lives and the causes we are passionate about. The invasion of our earths forest and the poisoning of our food, air and water. The end to the mistreatment of animals and the needless cruelty inflicted on them that contributes to the further destruction of our planet.

About Us

In years of experience, We’ve contributed to numerous projects that contributed to the community of Santa Ana. We are available for taking on new work. See our contact information below and get in touch.

Work With Us

Our skills and specialities include Murals, Flyers, Comics, Zines, and Getting Things Done.